The Bristol Britannia was the worlds first long range propellor driven aircraft, it was designed and developed after the Second World War to rebuild Britains civil aviation industry. Known as the Whispering Giant the Bristol Britannia could lift over 18 tonnes of payload over 4000 miles.

Bristol Britannia Series 253 C.Mk1 XM496 ‘Regulus’ which is the very last Britannia to fly is located on the North Side at Cotswold Airport near Kemble and is often opened to be viewed on public open days.  The preservation of the aircraft by the Bristol Britannia XM496 Preservation Society has certainly been a labour of love for all volunteers who have seen the aircraft which was close to being scrapped to a restored, although unflyable, aircraft.

You can find out more about Bristol Britannia XM496 on their website at

RAF Britannia XM496 ‘Regulus’ at Kemble