The following list outlines current aircraft at Cotswold Airport sighted by contributors. If you have any updates or corrections please contact us so we can keep this page up to date. Thank you to Airport Spotting for their help with keeping this guide up to date.

Updated: 21st February 2024

Latest Arrivals
TF-AMI Boeing 747-400F, Air Atlanta Icelandic/Magma (10 October 2023)
9H-AZC Boeing 747-400, Air Atlanta Europe (11 October 2023)
OY-SRP Boeing 767-200F, Star Air (22 December 2023)
M-STAR Boeing 727-200, Starling Aviation (31 January 2024)
OY-SRL Boeing 767-232F, Star Air (7 February 2024)

Latest Departures
2-SAHA, Airbus A330-243, Sichuan Airlines (18 November 2023)
C5-TEY (ex-TF-BBJ), Boeing 737-476(F), Bluebird Nordic (16 February 2024)

Belfast Apron West
(2-MMTT), Boeing 727-76, Platinum Services (Minus nos 1 & 2 engines, APU in running order)
EZ-A107, Boeing 717-22K, Turkmenistan A/L (Forward fuselage)
N29106, Boeing 737-809, China Airlines (minus engines & tail, wings chopped)
G-EZNM, Airbus A319, easyJet (cockpit section)
G-CIVN, Boeing 747-436, British Airways (cockpit section)
OY-SRP, Boeing 767-232(BDSF), Star Air (minus engines)
M-FTOH, Boeing 727-269(A), Air Salvage Int’l

Scrapping Compound (Belfast Apron East)
N29105 Boeing 737-809, China Airlines (minus engines and tail)
F-GRHH, Airbus A319-111, Air France (cockpit section)
TF-AAK, Boeing 747-428, Air Atlanta Icelandic (minus engines & APU)
G-LSAO, Boeing 757-256, Titan Airways (no engines)
F-GRHQ, Airbus A319-111, Air France (minus engines)
CS-TTG, Airbus A319-111, TAP Air Portugal (cockpit section – small)
F-GUGK, Airbus A318, Air France (minus engines & tail)

Site D Apron
OY-SRL Boeing 767-232(BDSF), Star Air

Site H Apron
LY-SPC Airbus A320-200, GetJet (minus 1 engine)
CS-TTH Airbus A319-111, TAP Air Portugal (Cockpit / forward fuselage section)(in hangar on low loader)
M-STAR Boeing 727-2X8(RE), Starling Aviation

Site G Apron
XH134, English Electric Canberra PR.9, Silver RAF
XW544, Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B, RAF 16 sqdn
XX894, Blackburn Buccaneer S.2, Royal Navy
XW550, Blackburn Buccaneer S.2B, RAF 16 sqdn (cockpit)

North Apron
TF-AMI Boeing 747-412F, Air Atlanta Icelandic/Magma (minus 3 engines)
9H-AZC Boeing 747-4H6, Air Atlanta Europe (minus 1 engine)

Resource Group Hangar
G-BIBG, S-76 ex-Bristow
80+55, Bo105 ex-Germany Army
80+77, Bo105 ex-German Army
N19CU, Dominie ex-RAF
N19UG, Dominie ex-RAF

Tower Area
XE665, Hawker Hunter T.8C, RAF
XR540, Hawker Siddeley Gnat T.1, Red Arrows RAF (actual reg XP502)
G-CIVB Boeing 747-436, British Airways (Negus livery)


XM496, Bristol 175 Britannia C.1 RAF (Preserved)
XT905/P Phantom FGR2, RAF (In fabric hangar next to the Brittannia)
XT597 Phantom FG1, RAF (In fabric hangar next to the Brittannia)