The following list outlines current aircraft at Cotswold Airport sighted by contributors, thanks to David Bennett for this information which was updated 19/1/2022. If you have any updates or corrections please contact us so we can keep this page up to date.

Scrap area

  • B747 G-BYGA no forward door
  • B747 F-GTUI no undercarriage, cargo door or radome (102745 FH on nose)
  • A318 (F-GUGA) No radome or tailplane
  • A330 VP-CNV no radome or outer right wing
  • A320 LY-NVY No tailplane or radome

Belfast Apron

  • A319 OH-LVA Nose section without radome and doors
  • ERJ145 G-EMBC Nose
  • A320 OE-IKW Nose
  • B757 G-LSAH
  • A330 VP-CNW no rudder
  • A320 LY-VEQ (?) Nose
  • B717 Turkmenistan Nose without radome or doors is probably EZ-A107 CRJ PH-ADO forward fuselage (Homo Sapiens)
  • B737 G-CELY No doors or radome.
  • B727 (2-MMTT)
  • B757 G-LSAD No radome
  • B727 M-FTOH

Rapid Racking

  • B747 G-CIVN
  • B747 G-MKGA No rudder
  • B747 TF-AAD
  • B747 (TF-)AAH
  • A320 CS-TNI
  • A320 CS-TNG
  • A319 CS-TTG
  • A319 CS-TTH
  • A319 CS-TTK
  • A319 (OK-NEN)
  • A319 CS-TTU

Not seen

  • A320 LY-VEI
  • A319 CS-TTF
  • A319 CS-TTI
  • A319 CS-TTV
  • A320 LY-NVZ
  • A319 G-EZIH

ASI Apron

  • A320 (F-GKXK)
  • A319 3B-NBF
  • A319 3B-NBH
  • DO228 C-FPSH
  • A318 F-GUGF

Chevron Apron

  • B747 G-CIVB

On ground